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djrobertscore:4.5 / 52020-09-24

Well ... Nice, nice
japgamescore:3.5 / 52020-09-24

Location is good
jasmineluluscore:4.5 / 52020-09-23

Very clean and suitable for family car trips.
m00022389score:4.0 / 52020-09-23

Good service, good breakfast, overall very good.
awen820score:4.5 / 52020-09-22

Reservation query before that it was owned by Shanghai Jinjiang hotel, established in Changzhou four, good breakfast and service. after moving as expected and rumored in line. 1, lobby, rooms clean although is Hotel, but sanitation hardware are satisfactory and the room, walked into the Hall and elevator with a slightly floral flavor, very comfortable. room was small, but the carpets and bathrooms were very clean, bathroom equipment complete. feel clean in place, compare notesClean, this is what I appreciate the most. Special mention hotel beds, I think the hotel beds are wider than the average, a very spacious three bed. pillows and mattresses are very comfortable. 2, the service attentive; admission process, warm and handsome boys and telephone staff give us a good impression, we asked the Concierge where there are pharmacies and supermarkets, are eager to guide our way, help book taxis too soon came. on the first day due toTime we booked a hotel room, room service staff is also polite. but business at the front desk, no smiles, efficiency is fastest. 3, hotel buffet variety, taste good; as son is taller than 1 meter, so breakfast at half price, day 34. breakfast crowd, eating almost can not find a seat on the first day, but many kinds of breakfast, red soup, small ravioli, fried eggs, there are a variety of snacks and side dishes, coffeeFreshly brewed Nespresso coffee machine. fruit of watermelon, cantaloupe, raisins and dried longan. fresh; the waiter will soon complement the lack of food, organize desktop, and close fairly quickly in the process. so guests can have a nice dining environment. Of course also some disadvantages; 1, hotel location before I see the Raiders thought is near Wanda, also a starting price for the journey is to take a taxi, no facilities around, more remote,Side is a is small of commissary. may since driving will compared convenient. but away from Dinosaur Park, railway station is compared near of, basic a started fee 12-13 Yuan on to has. away from flooded city spring paradise and wild Zoo more far, taxi to more than 70 more block, but if ride BRT words also is is convenient of, near has bus site, a money on to, time is 1 hours. 2, the quilt at the hotel clean and comfortable, but too thick, though open air conditioning at night,Families were too hot to sleep with, air conditioning is very hot for 20. telephone staff thin quilt provided the next day and was told no, so here's hoping to improve, some thin blankets for guests. 3, we booked a standard double room, the front desk gave us a 11-storey room, this room may be the transformation of two small rooms, after being found to have a door, the people next door will THUMP the door and make people feel unsafe, ifBefore arrival at the front desk told this could be better. In short the stay experience is very good. If next to Changzhou, will also choose this hotel.
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